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Another serious issue our kids face today that must be addressed is bullying. We all know that Jiu Jitsu is a gentle form of martial arts, however, do not let the word “gentle” fool you. A bully sees people that have little to no self confidence as prey, a jiu jitsu athlete has and exudes the self confidence bullies tend to steer away from. Most of the time a jiu jitsu student can neutralize a bully simply with his or her words during the first encounter. A bully is a coward, and at MJN Jiu Jitsu your teens will gain the courage and self esteem that bullies are most afraid of. MJN Jiu Jitsu is a bully free and ego free zone!

Attaining balance in life isn’t easy for teens or adults, however, Jiu Jitsu is a definite tool to help achieve a healthy balance. Teens are drawn to join gangs and cliques because they struggle with fitting in and yearn to be a part of something. Our students will a part of a family, not a gang or clique. At MJN Jiu Jitsu everyone is treated equally regardless of gender, size or personal style. The Jiu Jitsu culture helps tremendously because teens can struggle with a sense of belonging and emotions. Once you enter MJN BJJ you belong to a sincere and supporting family that will have your back and always make you feel welcome and good about yourself. Jiu Jitsu also helps establish the healthy habit of physical fitness which is an important part of life balance.

  • Better grades

  • Leadership skills

  • Better concentration and focus

  • Self control/Impulse control

  • Health and fitness/Weight management

  • Zero tolerance for bullies

  • Effective self defense without striking, punching or kicking.

  • Increased balance and coordination

  • Healthy eating habits are encouraged

  • Improved agility and strength

You simply can’t go wrong with a program that is filled with so many benefits. Come join us at MJN Journey BJJ and learn to live your best life!

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