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MJN Journey BJJ is very proud to offer top quality instruction and training for all age groups and levels. In addition to our honored professor Marcel Portilho, the academy also has two very committed and knowledgeable instructors that will be assisting the professor in helping students achieve their goals. Come join our MJN family and experience the fun and thrill while feeling at home in a judgment free environment. There are NO egos allowed, everyone helps and encourages each other.

*MJN Jiu Jitsu is a bully free, ego free zone.*

John Goldsborough SR. (Goldie)

John Goldsborough was born on February 16th in Sinsheim Germany, and grew up in a supportive military family, at the age of 14 his family relocated to Monterey California. John excelled in his academic studies, attended Monterey Peninsula College and then the University of Nevada Reno on a football scholarship.

Diane Goldsborough

Diane Goldsborough was born on October 3rd and grew up in a loving Cuban family. At a very young age her family moved to Miami Florida where Diane attended school. After the unfortunate loss of her adoring mother Diane moved to California and pursued an education in International business and literary science. 

John Goldsborough JR. (John John)

John John was born in Boise Idaho on December 10th 2005. He joined Fabin Rosa Jiu Jitsu under the advice of his older brother Nathan. John John was very apprehensive at first as his sport of choice had been football. After meeting Professor Marcel Portilho and training by his brothers side he, for a lack of better words, fell in love with Jiu Jitsu. 

Nathan McKain

Nathaniel McKain (Nathan) holds his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blue belt under the tutelage of Professor Marcel Portilho. Nathan was born in Newport Beach, California on October 2nd 1995 and moved to Florida when he was 12 years old. Education has always been an extremely important factor in Nathans life. 

Zahbia Mohammad

MJN Journey BJJ is proud offer excellent tutoring services. Zahbia is a student at the University of Central Florida(UCF). She is currently enrolled in the College of Education and Human Performance, and is pursuing a degree in Elementary Education.

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