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Jiu jitsu is a ritualistic art that practices these behaviors daily, this repetitive action makes these powerful and positive traits become habits; and we all know habits are hard to break. Parents enjoy watching their children exhibit these pillars of character in all aspects of their lives.
Other valuable benefits are:

  • A heightened self confidence

  • Better grades

  • Leadership skills

  • Better concentration and focus

  • Self control/Impulse control

  • Health and fitness/Weight management

  • Zero tolerance for bullies

  • Effective self defense without striking, punching or kicking.

  • Increased balance and coordination

  • Healthy eating habits are encouraged

  • Improved agility and strength

At MJN we strongly believe that children *DO* listen when spoken to, we have also put together a great way to communicate with our students called “Mat Talk” where children will get to talk about important issues they may face while at school or with peers. As children become more knowledgeable in Jiu Jitsu their confidence tends to increase, and the encouragement of their professor and jiu jitsu family will spill into every aspect of their lives.

During their after school club students will arrive at the academy and:

  • Have some relaxation time and enjoy their snacks.

  • Homework time will be dedicated towards the students finishing any assignments necessary for school. (At the parents request MJN will have a tutor available once a week for the students that need help)

  • Mat Talk will take place twice a week, parents will be kept informed of its content. In addition, we encourage and welcome any content the parents want us to discuss with the students. Working together we can accomplish great things.

  • Most importantly, your child will train jiu jitsu everyday! Monthly class tuition is included in the afterschool club.
    The benefits of our program are much greater than any daycare, sitter or extended care could provide, it is the perfect alternative.
    Another great fact about Jiu Jitsu is that unlike other sports it is not seasonal and classes run year round.

Our club runs from after school until 6:00 pm

Reserve your child’s spot in our amazing club today!

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